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About ARP


Abisky Ritkriti Projects (ARP) is an amalgamation of converging strengths that is building a reputation in the real estate of Pune. This union of expertise is leaving its indelible mark on projects on the rise and on the anvil. Building the foundation of community pride with the pillars of transparency, trust and confidence that stands testimony to our growing stakeholders.

Abisky Ritkriti Projects (ARP) bring to bear their cumulative expertise of Real Estate, Investment Management, Trading, Logistics and other areas of economy-driven passion. Together we've embarked on a mission to meet the growing demand for homes in a city mushrooming with an increasing population. Many of whom have migrated here for work – from IT to Automobile to Academia to a host of diverse sectors of the economy. We set our vision on foreseeing a realty need to meet the influx of hardworking professionals. Against this backdrop a union of minds emerged under the flagship of ARP to comfort the hearts of future home owners and investors.

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Vision Statement

The Abisky Ritkriti Projects has a distinct culture and an enduring set of values that bind the firm together and is central to the group's vision. Three P's namely Passion, Perfection and Prudence encapsulates the company's aspirations and unwavering commitment to delivering exemplary Quality alongside unparalleled customer service. The company will continually strive to provide innovative, breakthrough yet practical development solutions by utilizing the creativity, imagination, knowledge and passion of our employees to be a growing, vibrant and diversified real estate construction company.

Three P’s

Three P’s are the integral constituents of the Abisky Ritkriti Projects' brand philosophy.

Perfection: A customer centric business model where honesty and transparency form the basis of every transaction.

Passion: A persistent effort to have a dialogue with all the factors that matter to business such as the customers, the employees, the stake holders, the associates and the society at large.

Prudence: A sharp acumen consisting of up-to-date market information, knowledge about advanced technologies and in-depth understanding of every dimension of business dynamics

The five pillars of success we worship

A value based work culture prevails in Abisky Ritkriti Projects, an ethics driven company. Five core values are an integral part of group’s organizational behavior. Each and every person representing Brand Abisky Ritkriti Projects, is committed to stringent adherence to these five pillars of success.

Quality Excellence : Delivering Quality is an ever evolving process at Abisky Ritkriti Projects. May it be any responsibility; resolutely following Quality standards is the functioning methodology of the company.

Focus on Results : Everyone’s honest and sincere work yields good results. At Abisky Ritkriti Projects, result orientation is categorically monitored during the execution of any process. The focus is always on productive results.

Passion for Market Leadership : Leadership is an instinct and it is inherent at Abisky Ritkriti Projects. Irrespective of the hierarchy, each person associated with the company contributes to uphold the market leadership.

Team Work : The personal goals of all employees are aligned with the organizational goal. All of them exhibit teamwork and complement each other’s efforts to achieve the company’s common objective.

Integrity : Customer satisfaction is the pivotal focus of Abisky Ritkriti Projects and while providing any service to them, complete transparency is strictly maintained. Practicing integrity is the thumb rule here.

Professionals behind the scene

The directors are young, dynamic and business-driven professionals who are managerially astute with sound financial acumen. Their cumulative experience and expertise is already helping to build a promising brand image and equity in the realty landscape of Pune.

Quality is not an act, it’s a habit!

At Abisky Ritkriti Projects, the language that everyone speaks is Quality. From the materials & resources used to the standards of lasting constructions, the yardstick by which the company’s competency is judged is Quality. Even the tiniest of component used in the built structure, the locations of the projects, the designing styles adopted for them, will denote the same. The key elements of the company’s Quality Policy are:

  • In all operations performed through the framework of the company, the customer dealt with should be satisfied.
  • Every action taken by the company’s representative and every word spoken with the outside world, come under the scrutiny of company’s corporate governance.
  • Even the smallest of the decisions taken should be in line with company’s long term vision.
  • All employees and all the members of management team will adhere to the fundamental characteristics of Brand Abisky Ritkriti Projects i.e. the three P’s and the core values.
  • The group is committed to thorough professionalism and every member will seek continual improvement in all their endeavors.

Think pure, think Green!

Environment friendliness is the need of the hour today, but Abisky Ritkriti Projects has been practicing it since the inception. Because it is group’s firm belief, that to act is the only solution for confronting the challenges like global worming and ecological imbalance. The key aspects of company’s environmental policy are:

  • Abisky Ritkriti Projects is and will always remain an environmentally responsible company.
  • The company shall never harm Nature and in fact would make every possible effort to conserve natural resources.
  • The company will always participate in initiatives and efforts to improve the environmental protection.
  • The company shall never make use of material, machinery or equipment that will increase air pollution.
  • Within all the projects, the company will strive to cultivate optimum greenery, plantations and lawns.

Socially Responsible

Abisky Ritkriti Projects, a socially responsible Corporate Citizen has left its footprints in various ground-breaking CSR initiatives. Upliftment of the under privileged class is the sole objective behind these evolutionary thinking. Giving back to society is the earnest desire that drives group’s innovative ideas of social empowerment.


Live & prosper together

Urban living is an act of togetherness. The place we live in, is a miniature version of the society we belong to. People of similar backgrounds, demography and relevant socio-economic profiles, gel with each other well. We call it community living and try to build a prosperous environment in our masterpieces in concrete. In all our creations, we take every possible effort to bring likeminded families together. In an affluent league of people called ARP Community!


Lead a privileged life

What are the parameters that contribute to build a lifestyle? Live in an ARP home and experience it. It starts with the locale you live in. Then the residential development that nestles your home also plays a role. Not only the structure but the character of the living paradise reflects in your lifestyle. The amenities and features add to it and even the openness and the green plantations too. And the luxury, comfort, class and convenience of your home; is the icing on the cake. Together they gift you a lifelong treasure called lifestyle. The ARP lifestyle!


East Pune: The most coveted luxury capital

Alluring with its plush, westernised appeal, East Pune has been recently attracting the elite global citizens. Just a few ago, ‘East Pune’ was associated with Camp and Koregaon Park; but today, it goes beyond to encompass Kalyani Nagar, Hadapsar, Handewadi, Kharadi, Vimannagar, Airport Road, Phursungi, Mundhwa, Wagholi, Chandanagar and the like. Improved roads, better transport, its proximity to airport and railway station, easy accessibility and connectivity are some of the pivotal aspects that have made East Pune a preferred destination of home buyers.

Besides attracting the home buyers, this ritzy locale has become a hot favourite of corporate due to abundant land options, an array of locations to choose from and a rich talent pool. All this has made Eastern Pune one of the most desirable investment options. Should you need any more inputs about investment in the realty sector, we would be only too glad to assist you.

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Office # 28, 10th Floor, Suyog Platinum Tower,
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