Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

The Abisky Ritkriti Projects (ARP) organizations in Pune believes in "Commitment beyond Business", now rasped up on the walkway of "Corporate Social Responsibility " or CSR and driving onward of their traditional corporate cooperation target of financially and in personally for social responsibilities.

We feel that the company soar in size and scale but do not forget the active role in public welfare. We always endeavour to commit a positive role to society by supporting a broad spectrum of socio economic, health, education as well as environmental initiatives.

As conscientious citizen of society, we desire Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to have a steady and affirmatory imprint on the other. It is now greatly brooding with social gain and contributions that strenuousness committed towards the social cause. The organization initiated many social activities with many domestic and national NGOs and also contributing various causes in the form of endowment, relief equipments and man power by Abisky Ritkriti Projects (ARP)